Ryan studied animation at the School of Communication Arts (now the Living Arts College) and completed a degree in computer animation. Along with art, Ryan also uses writing as a creative outlet, and when possible, he likes to combine the two, either into comics or other forms of media.

Cabbell, Jr.

Eric is a civil engineer and artist. No art school experience, Eric is learning art through the internet, networking and local events in the Triangle. He experiments in different styles in his drawings from architecture to surrealism to cartoon to storytelling, but is highly willing to try different media and artistic activities.

A. T.


After too long in the arid West, A.T. came to Raleigh because it’s humid, green, and full of interesting people, like home. A.T. bounces between art and science, and working with the CoLab is a thrilling way for her to get out of her own head.


Hannah is a workaholic celebrating her quarter life crisis. She enjoys portraiture, but would rather throw paint against a wall. At ECU, Hannah majored in Interior Design and studied Econometrics for her master's.

Mara Luisa

Mara is a Civil Engineer and Artist from Sao Paulo, BR living in Raleigh, NC. She is a nature lover utilizing recycled materials and organic material on a Multimedia platform, she seeks to explore and create to encourage people that everything can be transformed into something special. LEDS are her way to enlighten the path through transformation. She paints and draws from landscapes, special places and moments and human life reflection drawings.




Mack studied illustration at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts. Using pencil and other various media, he depicts individuals through portraiture and caricature focusing on capturing likeness and emotion. He can always be seen with a pencil on his person and usually will be using it. Mack has worked as an artist for over a decade. His work has been on display in various events and locations throughout Chicago and Raleigh-Durham area.


Ken’s work is trite and uninspired. He tries to inflate his paintings by using pretentious terms like: “Lyrical Abstraction” to describe his derivative style. Apparently, he’s recently given up on pretending to have original ideas, returning to realism in the form of animal portraits, sad. As a collaborator, when he’s not starting needless arguments about the direction the work should take, he likes to present the group with confusing and pointless projects under the thinly veiled guise of “fun new ideas”. 

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