• Norling's "Perspective Made Easy"

  • Loomis's "Drawing The Head and Hands"

  • ImagineFX Magazine



  • The Draftsmen

  • Art Juice

  • Level Up Artist

Local in the Triangle

  • Proko

  • Ethan Becker

  • Ergo Josh

  • Jazza

  • Sarah Tepes

  • Art Insider

  • Bayley Jae

  • Urban Sketch- Every second Saturday, people meet at CAM Raleigh at 2pm. to do sketches/drawings and paintings of Raleigh and its unique urban views.

  • Artsplosure- "Raleigh’s Arts & Cultural Event Production Studio, they offers programming and production support for other events seeking artistic components".

  • SparkCon- "The Triangle's creativity festival, it uses an open-source planning process so that everyone can join the party and showcase their unique talents."

  • Galaxy Con- "A 4-day festival of fandom with celebrities, creators, voice actors, cosplayers, entertainers, fan groups, gamers, panelists, streamers, wrestlers, and people like you!"

  • Artspace- "Inspire creative energy through exposing, engaging, and educating all in the community about the creative process, Artspace believes in supporting the careers and development of artists of all levels by providing time and space to work".

  • Go Figure- Every Thursday, artist come and do three-hour figure drawings at Golden Belt Studios from 7pm to 10pm.